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5 Windows short-cut.

1. Split Screen, Pull up a web page and hold the Windows Logo key and hit the right arrow key. Next pull up a MS Word document and hold down the Windows Logo key and hit the left arrow key. I find that it helps if I have the windows maximized before using the Logo and arrow keys. You can use two Word documents or two Browser locations.


2. Highlight  and double click the mouse while holding down the ALT Key. You are viewing system properties. You will see the name of your computer, Windows version, RAM, etc.


3. Want to know the size of your hard drive and the amount of free space you have left, or the amount of space left on your network share. We allow you 3GB of storage space on your network share. Right click on the computer icon and select properties.You can right click on the drive and choose properties to get a different view.

4. While in a web page if you want a larger font, hold the Ctrl key and hit the plus key, for a smaller font hold down Ctrl key and hit the minus key. When you exit and re-enter your Brower, the default font will be back.

5. If you need to leave your workstation in hurry, you can hit the Windows Key
  and L. This will lock your desktop and you will need to log back in on your return.

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