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Ticketing system email commands

Sent by Faisal Kidwai on Nov 10, 2015:


When replying to notification emails from your mailbox, you can include "Email Commands" to instruct Freshdesk to perform certain actions on a ticket. The Email Command text will be stripped by Freshdesk and will not be seen by the requestor, while the rest of the text will become a part of the conversation.


Email commands must follow the correct syntax and must be placed within the pre-configured delimiter text. For example the command - "@simonsays agent : John Roberts Status:Resolved @simonsays" will assign the ticket to the agent John Roberts and mark the Ticket as Resolved.


The rest of your email content will be added as a conversation to Freshdesk and also sent to the Requestor via email.


Available Commands 

Status: Pending

Priority: Medium

Agent: John Robert

Group: Sales

Source: Email  


Type: Question

Product: Freshdesk

Action: Note  


Escalated: [Custom Field Value]


For more information, Please visit Freshdesk article about the same subject here.

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